Synopsis & Plot Summary of Ashby (2015):

Generally the teens are curious and try to gather knowledge over different issues which appear unknown to them and if those are mysterious or secret, they will be after the issue unless they are well informed. At that time they need a good guidance from someone experienced. If they get so, they can know about what life and living is. Ashby is the upcoming Hollywood comedy drama that deals with such a plot where a teenager befriends with an aged and experienced man who is his neighbor. The neighbor helped him in different ways to learn about newer things and topics and even performed some of his household chores when the kid failed. The man teaches him how to be courageous to solve problems and some other human qualities. Gradually the teenager comes to know that his newest friend is a former assassin of CIA and passing his last days.

Synopsis & Storyline / Plot Summary of Ashby (2015):

When people are in distress at their respective homes, their neighbors are with them always. It happens as the neighbors reside together and become the partner of joys and sorrows of each other. So, they are considered as the best friends in social lives. Regardless of age, the neighbors are always there to be in help if someone is in any sort of distress. The importance of a good neighbor cannot be described in a single word. They are always with the other neighbor and provide their helping hand at the right time as Ashby had given his help to Ed Wallis on the movie – Ashby.

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Ashby is a man. He is a man of skill and expertise. In his professional life he played the role of an assassin for CIA. Thus, he had to undergo lots of adventures and gained numerous real life experiences by his profession. He has retired now and living a peaceful life but unfortunately Ashby is going to die within a few months. The issue is clinically delivered. His neighbor is a single mother with her teenage son. They have recently shifted in the new town and start living at the house just beside where Ashby lives in.

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In the beginning, Ed Wallis and his mother were in troubles to set their house and Ashby offered his helping hand to settle everything down. By the events, Ashby and Ed Wallis built a sense of friendship. Since Ed Wallis does not have his father with him, he is lack of different knowledge and fatherly affection. Ashby realizing the fact tries to compensate loses of a father in the form of being an intimate friend with him. Their friendship starts journey.

Ashby (2015)

By the course of time, Ed Wallis is puzzled with him. He could not decide what to do in life. His study and academic activities were dull too due to lack of concentration. Ashby suggests different ways to Ed Wallis to gain knowledge. As a neighbor and friend, Ashby taught different important issues to Ed Wallis. At first Ed Wallis could not realize how Ashby gained the knowledge and later it was clear to him when Ashby said that he was a former CIA assassin. He has few days left and he wants to take a small revenge on three of his former bosses who trickily abused him.

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The movie stars Mickey Rourke on the role of former CIA assassin – Ashby Holt, with Nat Wolff on the role of Ed Wallis, Sarah Silverman as June Wallis – the single mother, Emma Roberts as Eloise, Adam Aalderks as Valchek, Michael Lerner as Entwhistle, Audrey Reid Couch as Hayley, Kevin Dunn as Coach Burton, Zachary Knighton as Father Ted, Steve Coulter as Peter Black and John Enos as Coach among others.

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Ashby (2015) Movie Details:

Initial release: September 25, 2015 (USA)
Director: Tony McNamara
Running time: 1h 43m
Music composed by: Alec Puro
Screenplay: Tony McNamara


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