Coming Home (2015) Movie Review, Storyline

Political chaos is one of the crucial causes of creating many mismatches in the lives of common people. At times, it makes them separate from one another or breaks families, ruin societies and communities and much more. When the families are broken, the miseries of the family members are shocking and many of them cannot cope with the situations. The movie ‘Coming Home’ is about a broken family which is the victim of political chaos. A couple has been separated from each other and the man was sent to a labor camp after his arrest. By the same time, his wife got injured by an accident. As a result, she lost her memory. When the man returned into his home, his wife could not remember him. So, he tries different ways to bring back her memory about him.

Synopsis & Storyline of Coming Home (2015):

Separation is always painful. Saying good bye is not always pleasant. If it occurs that you cannot even bid the farewell properly, you may have to regret for your entire life. So, people are reluctant to bid farewells to their near and dear ones. But situations compel them to be doing so, and they do not know what their future will bring for them. Sometimes a cloud of thick tragedies overcast the lives of such people. It is a misfortune for them.

On the movie – Coming Home (based on a novel named ‘The Criminal Lu Yanshi’) we can see such a tragic situation when a man is separated from his wife and family. By profession a professor, due to some political causes, the man was arrested. His wife cannot even say him good bye as police arrested him promptly from a railway station where he was hiding to avoid the political complexities. He was arrested to be oppressed for his political beliefs and activities which is unjust. When he was in labor camp, his family got broke. His daughter starts working at a textile mill for living.

Coming Home (2015)

However, the man went into a labor camp after the arrest. He worked hard on the camp. After passing three years at the camp, he was released and returned to his own home to meet his wife and family. But he was surprised that his wife failed to recognize him. He came to know that his wife is affected with amnesia when he was sent to the labor camp as a political prisoner. His wife fell into an accident and thus got injured.

She was severely injured and thus forgot all her past. Some of the remarkable events are still in her memory but she cannot recognize people and even her family members. When her husband sent her letters from the labor camp, she used to read the letters and save them to show him after his return from the camp. But in his return, she did not recognize him and even did not allow him to enter into the house too. Rather, she is still waiting for her husband’s return.

So, Lu Yanshi consulted the issue with experts and they advised him to revive the memories on his wife. Te resurrect the past on mind of his wife, he undertakes different events.

The movie stars Chen Daoming as Lu Yanshi, with Gong Li as Feng Wanyu, Lu Yanshi’s wife, Zhang Huiwen as Dandan, Yanshi and Wanyu’s daughter, Guo Tao, Liu Peiqi, Zu Feng, Yan Ni, Xin Baiqing, Zhang Jiayi, Chen Xiaoyi, and Ding Jiali among others.

Coming Home (2015), Movie Details:

Rating: PG-13 (for some thematic material)
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Yimou Zhang
Written By: Yan Geling, Zou Jingshi, Zou Jinzhi
In Theaters: Sep 9, 2015 Wide
Runtime: 1 hr. 51 min.


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