Synopsis & Plot Summary of Cop Car (2015):

Hollywood movies are developed highly and are suitable for almost all ages of people who can taste movies. Therefore, the Hollywood movie makers are making all types of movie which can make you laugh and by the same time you are to thrill suspecting the consequences of the events may occur on the screen. Cop Car is the movie that will make you so. At times it will make you laugh and at times you will be thrilled with the movie. Moreover, you will go back to your childhood days. It will remind the audience their early days how they used to make fun even with the smallest thing they had with them.

Synopsis & Storyline / Plot Summary of Cop Car (2015):

Hollywood movies are the best one in terms of movie making and plots. Moreover, the casting is also different from the other film industry as the film makers use the artists perfectly on the movie to fit in the plot characters. Usually the film makers find out the perfect characters so that they go with the plot without any other external help like make ups and visual effects.

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In the movie the Cop Car the characters have been picked with great efforts. The plot requires two boys of ten years and the director has brought out them after lots of audition and seeking. As a result, the two kids are the best suit for the film. Moreover, the character of the sheriff is also another one to be admired.

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Cop Car is the upcoming Hollywood movie that is based on the events of two ten-years old boys who take a cop car for a joy ride but unfortunately they are chased by a cop. Actually the kids of the age like ten or eleven are too much curious, naturally. They want to see the unseen and also get experience of the forbidden things as those attract more them.

Cop Car (2015)

The move – Cop Car is about an adventure of two kids aged ten years. In the beginning it was merely an adventure. But when police started chasing them, the adventures turned into a nightmare for them. Their invention of the hidden cop car and riding on the car will remind the audience of their early days. In those days, kids used to be like the kids shown on the movie– seeking for everything and doing a mess then.

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When the sheriff starts looking for his missing car, he suddenly discovers that the two kids are driving his car and turning furious, he starts going after the kids. At first the kids did not realize what was happening. But when they realized, they were surprised and shocked. If they stop the car in the middle of the road and try to escape the scene, they will be caught in red handed with the charge of stealing a police car.

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So, they are to run. They have to run fast so that they do not get caught by the sheriff. A cat and mouse game has started.

The movie is starred by Kevin Bacon on the role of the small town sheriff Kretzer, and James Freedson-Jackson as Travis with Hays Wellford as Harrison, Camryn Manheim as Bev, Shea Whigham as Man, Kathleen Bentley as Trailer Park Lady, and Joseph Oliveira as Officer. The movie will be released on August 7 in 2015.

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Cop Car (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: August 7, 2015 (USA)
Director: Jon Watts
Running time: 1h 28m
Music composed by: Phil Mossman
Screenplay: Jon Watts, Christopher D. Ford


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