Synopsis & Plot Summary of Deadpool (2016):

Marvel Comics is dominating the world with its superhero characters and there are some unconventional heroes are also seen dominating the universe and are commonly known as the anti-hero. Deadpool is based on the events of an anti-hero who owns an extra ordinary quality and abilities to make the impossible to possible. Now he is in search of the man who almost destroyed his life with the name of treating cancer. Due to the operation of cancer, Deadpool develops something extraordinary. He is now able to heal wounds in an unbelievable speed and also has a special sense of humor. So, he is on his way to take revenge against the man who has made him different from the common people. Earlier, he was an operative of Special Forces and consequently turned into a mercenary. But after the transformation he is also suffering from different mental disorders. Though he got some physical changes, the changes are more for his mental faculty. He has also developed a destable mind now which does not allow him to sit peacefully for a single moment.

Hollywood Film – Deadpool (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

It is very important to have some extraordinary abilities to lead the life but when the abilities do not allow you to be patient rather makes you uncomfortable, of course it is not the thing you need for. The abilities may bring destruction in life and sometimes you are also to pay a lot for the abilities. They turn in curse instead of being a blessing for you. So, you are to keep away from the abilities unless you are truly in need of the abilities.

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Thereby, it proves the importance of being normal in attitudes and behaviors. In line with the common attitudes, the super heroes also lead a normal life like the other human beings, after the Marvel Comics. But they turn agitated when they see something different in the surroundings and apply their power and abilities to change the situations. There are some anti-heroes, not villains actually, who also take part in the roles of amending everything. Deadpool is one of the Marvel Comics anti-heroes and played independent roles in protecting the planet in different times.

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Now it is his time to take a personal revenge against a misdeed with him. He, being diagnosed with cancer, takes treatment for the disease. But he did not get the right recovery and instead is filled with extraordinary abilities which make his life dull and boring. After the cancer treatment, he has developed the ability of speedy recovery of wounds. Besides, his sense of humor has been changed to the greatest extent which is also troublesome for him in many cases. So, he wants to take revenge against the man who has caused the trouble.

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Though this is a superhero movie, the plot is a bit different from the conventional superhero movies. In the beginning of his life, Deadpool was a special operative before he turned into a mercenary and now he is an anti-hero with his special abilities. The experiment he underwent changed his life. The protagonist is not saving the world or mankind or but taking revenge against a misdeed done with him.

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If he does not take revenge, he might not get mental peace which will bring a deep disaster in his surroundings. And as a result the peace and the balance of harmony in the surrounding of the protagonist are under potential risks.

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Filming for the movie took place in Vancouver in Canada and the movie expects its release in 4 February of 2016.

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Deadpool (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: February 4, 2016 (Hong Kong)
Director: Tim Miller
Music composed by: Junkie XL
Producers: Ryan Reynolds, Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner
Production companies: 20th Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, The Donners’ Company


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