Synopsis & Plot Summary of Inferno (2016):

People love to enjoy movies in their leisure hours and if the movies belong to mystery genre, the enjoyment doubles. The enjoyment increases more when they come to know that the movie is a sequel of a super hit movie. The movie – Inferno is one of them. It is the sequel to Angels & Demons. The movie is about a race against time. Inferno – also deals with the issues of saving the mankind and the world. The movie is a thriller that deals with the issues of Robert Langdon. He was at an Italian hospital. But when he wakes up, he was unable to remember anything about his past. So, when he remembers the past, he is ready to run. He was assigned with a mission to save the mankind and the planet earth. If he makes late, an evil force will occupy all the good things and the humans would be destroyed pathetically. Now Robert Langdon is to search different parts of Europe to get some necessary items to be used to save the humans. But it is impossible for him to discover the hidden element as those are transcript in symbol. So, he takes help of Dr. Sienna Brooks while she applies her knowledge and helps Robert Langdon to find out the hidden elements. But by the same time, the limited time is becoming over.

Hollywood Movie Inferno (2016) Review & Storyline:

Movie makers around the globe want that their movies to be considered as the best one. Accordingly they adopt different means to make the movies best. Some of the movie makers apply some special effects on the movies to make them lucrative to the audiences. In some cases, the movie makers try to keep some surprise for the audiences so that they could be amazed during the movie screening. But the movie makers of – Inferno, have done nothing to make it attractive as the movie does not need anything to be attractive. The movie is simply attractive and the movie makers do not need to apply any external issues to make it more digestive to the audiences. The movie has an outstanding plot and a group of finest casts which are the key resource for the movie to win the audiences.

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Many of the movie makers try to change their movie plots in different ways and thus they adopt several ways. The first thing they do is that they try to bring a change in the original movie plot and add some special issues with the movie. In most of the cases, the movie makers add some weird events with the movie plot believing that those would make the movie attractive. Most of the cases, the events appear irrelevant or artificial. But they cannot think that if the events are irrelevant, they cast a negative impact on the audiences. The movie – Inferno is free of such issues and the movie plot has not been changed or modified to make it more attractive to the audience.

Inferno (2016)

Making a sequel of a movie, the movie makers are to work hard and similar issues have taken place for the movie – Inferno. The movie makers have worked hard to make the movie a success. They have made the plot accordingly to keep alignment with the former installment. The former installment – Angels & Demons was a great movie and rocked the box office for several reasons. But now, it is expected that the current movie installment will exceed the success of its ancestor for some other specific reasons. Some of the former characters have been reprised here and they are continuing the roles perfectly. Besides, the movie plot for Inferno is also outstanding.

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Inferno is all about racing against time. The characters are to race against time and their failure will bring a disaster in the earth. If they fail to perform the required tasks in due time, the earth will be grabbed by evil forces and the humans will be destroyed. So, to prevent the destruction, save the human race and the plant, they are to work quickly. The lead role – Robert Langdon is to find out the necessary elements so that he could prevent the attacks of the evil force. But by the same time, he is to save himself. He is being searched by a group of manhunt. So, he is also in danger. But he is in trouble with the symbols. Robert Langdon is unable to read symbols and thus he takes help from another lead role player to reach the destination.

Inferno – movie plot has been adopted from a novel of the same name by Dan Brown while the screen play for the movie is composed by David Koepp. The current installment is directed by Ron Howard. Filming for the movie take place in Venice and began on April of 2015. Filming was done in July in 2015 and the last filming locations were in Budapest. The movie will be released on October 28 in 2016.

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Inferno (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: October 28, 2016 (USA)
Director: Ron Howard
Music composed by: Hans Zimmer
Story by: Dan Brown
Production company: Imagine Entertainment


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