Synopsis & Plot Summary of The Keeping Room (2015):

When you do not have someone with you, particularly a man, then everyone tries to seek chances to abuse you. If you have a strong heart filled with courage, you can defend yourself or if you do not have that, you are to be the sufferer of oppression imposed by the outsiders. So, it is highly imperative to be courageous and should also have the mental ability to counter any unwanted situations. The Keeping Room is an upcoming Hollywood action thriller movie that deals with such a plot. There are three women living alone at their house and get attacked by some rogue soldiers. It was the end of the American Civil War and thus everything was in chaos and filled with disorders. The women had none to look after them. When the rogue soldiers were after them, they had to protect themselves in different tricky and courageous manner. By the same time they had to incur losses as they were not trained for fighting or protecting them.

Synopsis & Storyline / Plot Summary of The Keeping Room (2015):

Everybody wants to dominate over the inferior. The tradition has been going on from time immemorial. So, it is not unusual that a superior individual or group will try to dominate the inferior people or group and it is the common practice around the globe. But the troubles occur when the oppressed do not want to get oppressed anymore and turns back to fight with the oppressor.

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Such issues become more prevalent during the beginning, middle or end of great battles. When it was Civil War in the United States of America, a huge number of such complex events have taken place. The superior class started oppressing the inferiors and even they did not consider about the gender. It is a rule that kids and women will be kept out of war or oppression but some of the evil oppressors did not abide by the rule. When they found someone weak and feeble, they started to subjugate them for their own benefits.

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The movie – The Keeping Room is about such an event where three ladies have been tried to make subjugated by few rogue soldiers who have fled from their army. It was the time when the American Civil War was dying out. Right at that moment, everything was in disorder. They lived in their house but unfortunately they had no male individual with them for their protection. So, they themselves were their protectors.

The Keeping Room (2015)

Due to the lack of a male member, they had to all their tasks and even daily shopping. In such a shopping at the local store, one of the women meets some soldiers who had escaped from the Union Army. When they saw they lady, they plan to abuse her and thus they started following the woman. They followed her to her home and came back at night. As soldiers, they were trained and had better strategic skills.

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But they had no idea that they may encounter troubles from the ladies. The three women fought back to save them and their house. A fierce full battle between the two parties took place.

The Keeping Room stars Brit Marling as Augusta, with Hailee Steinfeld as Louise, Sam Worthington as Moses, Amy Nuttall, Ned Dennehy, Nicholas Pinnock, Charles Jarman, Kyle Soller, Muna Otaru, Bogdan Farkas, Anna-Maria Nabirye, Stefan Velniciuc, Delia Riciu and Luminita Filimon among others.

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The Keeping Room (2015), Movie Details:

Rating: R (for strong violence including a sexual assault)
Genre: Western, Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Daniel Barber
Written By: Julia Hart
In Theaters: Sep 25, 2015 Limited
US Box Office: $11.5k
Runtime: 1 hr. 26 min.
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