Synopsis & Plot Summary of When Animals Dream (2015):

Suddenly if you feel some physical changes in your body and your surrounding people are dying for some mysterious reasons, you may get suspicious. The suspicion might occur for your behavioral changes you are undergoing. It may also occur that the entire neighborhood is gazing you with a strange look. Then your suspicion might prove true. You might be different from others. You have something different with your behavior. There is a mystery around you that haunts you all day long. Upcoming horror drama – When Animals Dream, is filled with such a thrilling and exciting plot. The story is about a teenage girl who undergoes some physical changes and that reveals the mystery of her birth to her.

Synopsis & Storyline / Plot Summary of When Animals Dream (2015):

Horror movies are made using different interesting plots. If a blend of horror, drama and mystery could be made, the plot becomes more enjoyable to the audience of the particular movie genre. So, the making of such combined plot has begun and When Animals Dream is a part of the beginning. The movie is the perfect combination of drama, horror and mystery. The three genres have made the plot more enjoyable and the audience will feel the thrill in each of the seconds of the movie.

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Moreover, the traditional movie making elements have not been used to make this Danish movie and also this is the directorial debut for the director Jonas Alexander Arnby. The criticism so far the movie has received is inspiring and points a greater success of the movie after its global release.

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The movie is based on the story of a teenage girl living with her parents. Suddenly she felt some physical changes (the changes are usual for a better physical transformation and it occurs in the teenage of the people) in her and that made her start thinking about her birth. She lives in a small island with her father and mother. Her father is the bread earner of the family but her mother is sick and is stuck to a wheel chair and for her movements, she uses the chair.

When Animals Dream (2015)

But when the changes on the girl start occurring, she felt something wild in her. Suddenly some of the people of her neighborhood start dying in mysterious manner. Marie, the teenage girl, starts feeling a connection between her and the deaths when she undergoes the changes. She tries to discover the changes and thus she reveals a secret of the century.

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The mystery has been kept secret for centuries and Marie has been victimized. Now she is to bear the curse her lifelong if she wants to survive. She, in fact, turns into a werewolf at night and kills people but she cannot remember the thing that she has done the mess. As a result the people of her island died mysteriously. But when she came to know about the fact, she had nothing else to than admitting her fate. This is another reason of her mother’s sickness, she discovered the information later.

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The movie was originally titled as Når dyrene drømmer and it stars Sonia Suhl on the role of Marie – the werewolf, with Lars Mikkelsen as Thor, Jakob Oftebro as Daniel, Sonja Richter as the Mother of Marie, Mads Riisom as Felix, Benjamin Boe Rasmussen as Ib and Esben Dalgaard as Bjarne among others. The movie will be released on August 28 in 2015.

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When Animals Dream (2015), Movie Details:

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Jonas Alexander Arnby
Stars: Sonia Suhl, Lars Mikkelsen, Sonja Richter
Written By: Rasmus Birch
In Theaters: Aug 28, 2015 Limited
Runtime: 1 hr. 24 min.


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