Synopsis & Plot Summary of Wolf Totem (2015):

Adoption of stories for movies has become a new trend in the current age. The movie – Wolf Totem is also made from a Chinese novel of the same name which was written in 2004. The story of the movie is about a young student who is sent to teach the elements of civilization to the nomads and instead teaching he turns into a student and tries to discover the bondage between the nomads and the animals. A young and energetic student from Beijing starts journey to Inner Mongolia to spread civilizations among the nomadic herdsmen as the ages are getting developed. When he reached his destination, he discovered a very strange linkage of the nomads with animals particularly wolves.

Synopsis & Storyline / Plot Summary of Wolf Totem (2015):

Learning has no end line and knowledge can be achieved from anywhere even if you think yourself as a wise person or if you are playing the role of teacher or trainer. There are always something available to learn in every moment. The processes of learning are countless and thus the process of learning is enjoyable for those who actually prefer to learn. Surrounding environment is considered as the best teacher and mere bookish knowledge in not enough to get educated.

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The movie – Wolf Totem is based on a novel of the same name and shows us how a man can learn about the surrounding without reading books or articles. Only passing a few moments is enough to gather knowledge over any specific issue. If someone gets the chance to spend a few days to learn or teach, there are lots of options to earn knowledge. The movie shows how a young man goes to a remote place in Mongolia to spread knowledge about civilization. The area was too remote that modernity could not enter there.

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The Beijing student, Chen Zhen, started journey for Inner Mongolia and it was 1967. At that time most of the people in Inner Mongolia were nomads and moved from here and there for their living. As they had no permanent shelter, they had to undergo different struggles and living was difficult for them. They lived in deserted places surrounded by jungles. Snowing is one of the characteristics of the locality. They in fact had no chance to get modernized as they were deprived of their basic needs too.

Wolf Totem (2015)

So, the Beijing student tried to teach them different things and issues, But he found that there numerous things to learn instead of teaching them modernization. He found that life is hard for them to carry on. They have enemies- both humans and animals. When they are invaded, they have no place to escape and thus sometimes they have to incur huge losses in terms of lives and property.

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The movie stars Feng Shaofeng on the role of Chen Zhen, with Shawn Dou as Yang Ke, Ankhnyam Ragchaa as Gasma, Basen Zhabu as Bilig, Yin Zhusheng as Bao Shungui, Baoyingexige, Tumenbayar, Xilindule and Bao Hailong among others.

Although the movie is made with Chinese language (Mandarin) it is directed by a French film director Jean-Jacques Annaud and it is jointly produced by China and France. The novel was composed by Lu Jiamin in 2004 and the book gained much popularity.

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Filming for the movie was a bit of troublesome. The wolves used on the movie are trained and they have been trained for years to participate on the screen. Several directors have been changed as none of them had earlier experiences of directing movie with animals. Wolf Totem will be released on September 11 in 2015.

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Wolf Totem (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: February 19, 2015 (China)
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Running time: 2h 1m
Story by: Lü Jiamin
Screenplay: Jean-Jacques Annaud, John Collee, Alain Godard, Lu Wei


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